German courses Online for physicians, doctors, dentists and other medical staff

The language school Lingua Medicus offers a wide spectrum of services for the preparation of doctors and other medical professionals from European and non-European countries in order to pass a special exam called the Fachsprachprüfung, which allows you to get your Approbation. (Temporary medical license)

Our German Medical Course is aimed at healthcare professionals as well as nursing staff who need to pass a language proficiency exam, as well as medical professionals and researchers who wish to learn or improve their medical German language skills to participate in international medical programs, conferences, Workshops etc.

The study program is based on modern techniques and methods of learning the German language and developed by professional teacher - experts of our school.

Course specifics:

  • Consideration of algorithms for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and symptom complexes of internal medicine and general surgery, which are most frequently simulated in the test
  • Doctor's communication with the patient (medical history, medical counseling, diagnosis skills and terms)
  • Documentation
  • Communication of the doctor with colleagues and other medical staff
  • Medical terminology, mastery of Latin and German medical vocabulary, medical abbreviations

Course options:

  • German for doctors A2-C1
  • Preparation for the Goethe-Institute B2 exam
  • TELC
  • Preparation for the specialized language examination (Fachsprachprüfung)

In our language school, we prepare medical specialists and nursing staff for successful completion of the specialized language examination and practical work in German medical centers.

The maximum duration of training is 9 months.

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The team Manus Medicus works with innovative clinics and medical centers, as well as private entrepreneurs in medical services. We very much appreciate the trust of our partners, and are happy to organize the common projects at the national and at the international level with the aim of healthcare quality improvement.

Social Voluntary Service
Social Voluntary Service
German courses Online for physicians, doctors, dentists and other medical staff
German courses Online for physicians, doctors, dentists and other medical staff
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Global recruitment of medical stuff