Company MEDICUS is the official exclusive representative of the MANUS MEDICUS Group in Ukraine. As a part of the international telemedicine project for diagnostics of the patients from all over the world in the form of remote online diagnostics, MEDICUS is works with patients and our partners all over Ukraine.

The aim of the cooperation with MEDICUS in the Project "Remote Diagnosis in Germany for Foreign Patients" is the arrangement of a written medical opinion based on CT, PET, MRI or mammography images for patients from Ukraine.

Today modern medicine offers patients advanced and proven methods using telecommunications and teleradiology in the field of diagnostic imaging. Thanks to digitization in the health sector, it has already become possible to get a second opinion from the highly qualified German radiologists without having to go abroad. This is especially necessary if the diagnosis is complex and unclear and a potential risk of medical error is to be avoided. We create the medical teleradiological opinion after you have sent us the CT, MRI, X-ray images via the secure Internet sources.